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What are the SEO Tools Used by Most People?

The internet world offers assistance for people utilizing SEO. There are businesses established to help people in their SEO found in the internet like Altamira Online. Some though would simply make use of tools. Some of these tools are offered for free and while some may require a small fee, these tools are easy to use and very beneficial.

Search engine optimization is not an easy thing to employ especially since you need to manage and monitor every little aspects and improvements of the statistics produced by SEO. One tool can monitor all about these statistics so as to be tell which aspects would need more of your attention than other aspects. Some tools focus on monitoring the page speed as well as traffic, social shares, and even links. Examples of these are GMetrix and SEO Quake. There are even tools that show little changes specifically in the rise of queries and even analyze the changes. An excellent example of this is the Google Trends. Google Analytics is also a great tool to analyze users’ behavior and what pages they visit and what they do in the website.

Webmaster tools are important in taking note on how helpful SEO is in your website. These specific tools provides information on how the different search engines are configuring and treating your website. Two of the most famous webmaster tools are the Google Webmaster Tools and the Bing Webmaster Tools.

Another SEO tool is known as crawlers. Since HTTP codes and other URL metrics are important, having crawlers check for broken links and codes is very advantageous. Analyzing the entire website’s HTTP codes is not an easy thing to do. Xenu Link Sleuth is an excellent example of this. Despite being a little similar with Xenu, Majestic SEO also crawls into sites including backlinks. This tool gives you full access and enable different links from your website to the other sites. This also goes the same with the website crawler called Screaming Frog. These crawlers look for relevant links for your website and make use of those links.

Some tools focus on the keywords and make the most out of them. These tools target specific keywords for your site to be able to optimize as well as identify the keyword densities that are necessary to boost the ranking of your website through those keyword-based pages. Examples of these tools are Google Keyword Planner and Adwords Keyword Tool. Besides being tools, there are also websites that could help in keyword generation like Altamira web. You only have to choose which ones to use in this case. 



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